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Software Testing Training Online

Today's work may be anyplace that has access to the Internet; the days of being chained to a desk in an workplace are gone thanks to gadgets like laptops, smartphones and tablets, to not mention the actual fact that nearly each home currently has online access. More and a lot of individuals are taking advantage of technology and dealing from home or maybe the local Starbucks (which i've been known  to do on occasion). the freedom of property permits us to never be far from very important info. that has training.

ITeLearn Courses:

Software Testing Fundamentals
JIRA Tutorials
Bugzilla Tutorials
HP QTP/UFT Training and Video Tutorials
Selenium Training Video Tutorials
WebServices SoapUI Testing
Mobile Apps Testing Training Video Tutorials
Core Java Tutorials
ISTQB Foundation Certification
Security Testing Video Tutorials
QC/ALM Training Videos
SQL Database Testing Video Tutorials
Master Of Software Testing Training Courses
Software Testing Essentials – Beginner level (QA Essential)
Performance Testing (Load Runner & Jmeter)
Learn Computer Programming with Python
Informatica Power Center Video Tutorials
Proactive Testing
Project Management Professional Tutorials
MS Office Basics Video Tutorials
Web Basics Videos
Job Placement Training Videos

ITeLearn is a leading online training platform that helps thousands of professionals world-wide in mastering Manual Testing, HP QTP/UFT, Selenium, Java, ISTQB, Mobile App Testing, Python, Security Testing and many more IT and Software Testing Skills that helps in achieving their career goals and growth.

Post by itelearn (2015-12-30 09:43)

Tags: Selenium online selenium training QTP Online Training Testing Online

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